What Drives You as an Author?
Publishing usually involves some tough decisions. This five minute quiz helps you to pinpoint your priorities.
Publishing Decision Tool
Another quick quiz. This one helps you decide whether you should seek a traditional publisher or publish the book on your own.
Chapter Worksheet
A generic version of the worksheet I use with ghostwriting and coaching clients, it's a good way to collect and organize your thoughts, especially if you don't like to outline.
Find a Literary Agent
The Association of Author's Representatives offers a searchable database of literary agents. It's not an especially reliable guide to the type of books an agent really handles. Tip: use the database to find agent websites, which often list clients and books recently sold. Another tip: Look for the agents who have blogs. Responding to a blog post is a good way to make initial contact.
Get an ISBN and Barcode
If you are self-publishing, you will need an ISBN number and barcode so that vendors can track and sell your book. ISBN numbers are sold to publishers in lots of 10, 100 or 1000. If you only need one, use the link at left. It takes you to the My Identifiers site where you can order an ISBN number and barcode in a package deal that includes a listing in Books In Print. Last time I checked, the cost was $150. Delivery was promised the same day, but actually took three. You will need to know whether your book cover designer is working on a Mac or a PC, so that the bar code can be provided in a compatible file.










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