Leave a Literary Legacy

Many people who don’t especially like to write nevertheless dream of becoming authors. To publish a book is to leave a legacy: to pass on hard-earned wisdom and ensure that the story of one’s life continues to be told long after it has reached its end.

Legacy Books are an easy and affordable way to achieve that dream. All you have to do is talk. I do the writing. Your book is published by an on-demand printer, and I handle all the logistics. Professional page layout and cover design are included in the price. Your book never goes out of print, so you may order new copies whenever you want them. We can also arrange to have it sold on Amazon. From start to finish, the process takes about four months.

Why you’ll love the process

Clients tell me that the interviews are their favorite part. They’re my favorite part too. You’ll be amazed to discover how much you have to say, once I get you talking.. And you'll be deeply gratified when you see it reflected back on the page.

Why you’ll love the result

People you know will open the book because they love you. But they’ll keep going to the last page because it’s a really good read. Can't-put-it-down storytelling is my passion. You’ll be pleased with the look and feel of the book as well, because you participate in all the design decisions.

Big occasion coming up?

Authorship is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. It’s thoughtful, meaningful and unexpected. And the satisfaction it gives will last a lifetime.

Tell the story of a brilliant career and pass on its lessons. Imagine setting a copy of the book at each place at the retirement banquet.

Wedding Anniversary
Wouldn’t it be great for friends and family to read the couple’s love story? And think how the couple would delight in recounting that story together.

Family Reunion
Preserve the history of past generations, or have each branch of the family contribute a chapter. Share those old photos you’ve got stashed away in shoeboxes, along with the memories behind them.

Want to know more? Email your questions, or call today at 773 509-9658.


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